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The IBZ Berlin invites: concerts and lectures on current culture, politics and science

The meeting and cultural program in the IBZ is a central feature of the association. The aim of the association is to encourage the exchange of ideas between scientists and artists and their German colleagues, so as to build inter-disciplinary relations. The IBZ therefore organises regular concerts, lectures and exciting panel discussions with scientists and guests from all over the world.

Anne Krainz is responsible for the event management and not only organises and manages such events but also plans the annual program together with both residents and event partners.

If you would like to organise an exhibition in the IBZ, give a concert or a talk about your academic work, please write to Anne Krainz at anne.krainz (at) We look forward to you hearing from you.

Preview: Blessur d’Amour - Anatomy of Love

7. June 2018

7:30 PM, Hall, House D, 4th floor

Blessur d’Amour - Anatomy of Love

Chanson Evening

Marie Giroux (Vocals), Jenny Schäuffelen (Piano and Accordeon), and Heiko Michels (Guitar) will give a sneak preview of their new concert program.

They are attempting nothing less than finding the secret of love, look at its various facades and digg deep into the french chanson by Sardou, Becaud, Aznavour, Ferré and many more.

Their promise for the night: „No matter what love related question you may have, we promise not to cure you but give you a little help to deal with it. "

Die Vorlesewesen vom Rüdesheimer Platz

10. June 2018

4:00 PM, Concert Hall, House D, 4th floor


... und nächstens wird es Sommer!?

Christiane Fangerau, Doris Machui, Inge Siegel sowie der Stimmspieler und Schausprecher Dirk Lausch (liest und moderiert) – auch bekannt als Vorlesewesen – melden sich nach über einjähriger Kreativpause zurück. Im Gepäck haben die (vor-) lesebegeisterten Wilmersdorfer_innen diesmal sommerlich-leichte Gedichte und Geschichten, aber auch Texte, die nachdenklich stimmen. Freuen Sie sich auf einen literarischen Spaziergang, auf dem Ihnen bekannte Autor_innen von gestern und heute begegnen. Genießen Sie ein erfrischendes Bad im Wörtersee, das beschwingt wie ein Glas Wein auf dem Rüdesheimer Platz ... Einfach vorlesewesentlich eben!

2nd Club Concert - Practically Married

13. June 2018

6:00 PM, in and around the IBZ Club at the main entrance

Practically Married are pianist Declan Forde and double bassist James Banner. Both relocated to Berlin from the UK and have been making music together almost every day since 2015. The duo have become a fixture within many groups in the Berlin music scene and have collaborated with international artists including Vilde&Inga, Tobias Delius, Fabiana Striffler, John Hollenbeck, Max Andrzejewski, Rachel Sermanni, Mirna Bogdanović, João Lopes Pereira, Eric Vaughn, Ugo Alunni, Eldar Tsalikov, Charles Fréchette and Dima Bondarev, and have performed sold out shows at iconic venues such as Konzerthaus Berlin and the Spiegelsaal.

They have had a long standing association with Berlin’s Donau115 (one of The Guardian’s top 10 jazz clubs in Europe) and from the beginning of 2018 curate a monthly residency as Practically Married plus guests.

Documentary Movie Screening: „Sertanías“

21. June 2018

7:30 PM, Hall, 4th floor

Screening of the Documentary movie „Sertanías“ - brasilian portugese with english subtitles!

Presented by IBZ resident Willi Bolle

The documetary tells the story of a wandering in July 2017 through the Sertão, a landscape in central Brasil.
The Sertão in 1900 is the main setting of one of Brasil's most important novels in the 20th century: Grande Sertão: Veredas by João Guimarães Rosa (1908-1967).
Commemorating his 50th day of death the TV station GloboNews produced this film.

It will be presented by Willi Bolle Professor for Literature at the University of São Paulo. who went to Brasil from Berlin in 1966 to dicover the country based on this very novel.
Prof. Dr. Willi Bolle is a frequent IBZ Berlin resident and during this year's stay he will be presenting the documentary.

The German Bandoneon

28. June 2018

7:30 PM, Concert Hall, House D, 4th floor

Daniel Pacitti presents:
The German Bandoneon

A musical journey from Germany to Argentina.
Musik for sopran and bandoneon with
Daniel Pacitti (Bandoneon)
Anna Hofmann (Sopran)
The Bandonen became famous mainly through Tango Argentino but besides that it is fairly unknown - even in Germany where it was originally invented.
Tonight Pacitti und Kaufmann will guide you on a journey from J.S. Bach via A. Jobim to A. Piazzolla and discover hoe differtent the Bandoneon can sound!


The IBZ program is interesting and manifold - here you can download the monthly programs of the last 6 months.

You have questions or want more information? Please contact us.

IBZ Internationales Begegnungszentrum der Wissenschaft e.V.
Wiesbadener Straße 18
14197 Berlin


+49 (30) 82 00 75 86 - 0